The Carrington Extracts
From the Diaries
of Caroline Kipling

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[January 21st 2014]

Adams, Jad Rudyard Kipling Haus Books London 2006

Birkenhead, Lord Rudyard Kipling Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1978 ISBN 0 297 77535 9 Biography suppressed for some ten years by Elsie Bambridge and only published after her death and that of the author.
Carrington, Charles Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work Macmillan & Co. London 1955
The rare 3rd. Edition of 1978 contains appendices not available in other editions.
Chevrillon, André Rudyard Kipling Librairie Plon Paris 1936
Dillingham, William B. Rudyard Kipling, Hell and Heroism Palgrave Macmillan New York 2005

Dillingham, William B. Being Kipling Palgrave Macmillan New York 2008

Dillingham, William B Rudyard Kipling: Life, Love, and Art ELT Press Greensboro North Carolina 2013
A companion volume to Hell and Heroism
Fido, Martin Rudyard Kipling Hamlyn London 1974
Very well illustrated.
Gilbert, Elliott L, (Ed.) Oh Beloved Kids Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1983
Letters to his children including Kipling's drawings
Gilmour, David The Long Recessional John Murray London 2002
The Imperial Life of Rudyard Kipling'.
Havholm, Peter Politics and Awe in Kipling's Fiction Ashgate London 2008

Keating, Peter Kipling the Poet Secker & Warburg London 1994

Laski, Marghanita From Palm to Pine, Rudyard Kipling at Home and Abroad Sidgwick and Jackson London 1987

Lycett, Andrew Rudyard Kipling Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1999

Lycett, Andrew Rudyard Kipling Phoenix London 2000
Paperback edition
Macdonald, Meryl The Long Trail - Kipling Round the World Tideway House Bristol 1999

Mallett, Philip Rudyard Kipling, a Literary Life Palgrave Macmillan London 2003

Mason, Philip Kipling - The Glass, the Shadow and the Fire Jonathan Cape London 1975
Having loved Kipling as a child, disliked him as a student, then ignored him for thirty years Mason (ex-ICS) documents his return to him in retirement.
Montefiore, Janet Rudyard Kipling Northcote London 2007

Murray, Stuart Rudyard Kipling in Vermont Images of the Past Bennington VT 1997

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol I) 1872-89 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol II) 1890-99 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol III) 1900-1910 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol IV) 1911-1919 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vols V and VI) 1920-1936 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas, and Richards, David Alan Kipling and his First Publisher Rivendale Press

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Kipling's India, Uncollected Sketches 1884 to 1888 Macmillan

Ponton, Dorothy Rudyard Kipling at Home and at Work Privately published
Author was governess to Elsie and after 1919 secretary to Kipling. Paperback.
Richards, David Alan A Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling

A new and comprehensive bibliography, updating and extending Yeats et al
Ricketts, Harry The Unforgiving Minute - A Life of Rudyard Kipling Chatto & Windus London 1999

Seymour-Smith, Martin Rudyard Kipling Macdonald London 1989

Stewart, J.I.M. Rudyard Kipling Victor Golancz London 1966

Tompkins, J.M.S. The Art of Rudyard Kipling Methuen London 1959
Major work of criticism.
Wilson, Angus The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling Secker & Warburg London 1977
'His Life and Works'

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