The Carrington Extracts
From the Diaries
of Caroline Kipling

1892 Marriage in London, an interrupted honeymoon on Japan, a new home in Vermont, and a new daughter.
1893 Vermont: They move into Naulakha, a new house on the hillside, and Rudyard writes intensively. Many Inventions published. A good year.
1894 Writing continues fluently. The Jungle Book published, and many visitors noted in the diary. Holiday in Bermuda, and four months in England, seeing the family, leading a lively social life, and writing. Another good year.
1895 The Second Jungle Book published. Visit to Washington, likes Theodore Roosevelt, dislikes President Cleveland's Democrat administration - 'reeking bounders'. In England in July. Makes friends with Frank Doubleday.
1898 To South Africa for the Winter. Meets Rhodes, much impressed. Meets Milner. Visits Kimberley, Bulawayo, Johannesburg. Back in England works on The Day's Work, Kim, and various imperial poems. Death of Edward Burne-Jones. After naval cruise writes A Fleet in Being.